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Structural Chemistry
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8 node computer cluster running Linux. Each node is equipped with dual Xeon X5675 cpus (6 cores each), 24 GiB RAM, and 1TiB local disk. The total number of cores is 96. The nodes are connected with GbE. User data is stored on two HP Proliant servers: One with 8 TiB disk in RAID-5, the other with 16 TiB disk in RAID-6. User data is backed up on a QNAP NAS, with 16 TiB in RAID-6.

Possibilities: Developing and running Computational Chemistry software.

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W-nodes computer cluster
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SouthPole, HP, QNAP, Home made
2 x KELVIN TWIN2-XEON 145 2U Xeon X5675 HP Prolian


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