Picture of 90 cm Reflecting Telescope 'Westerlundteleskopet'
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Astronomy and Space Physics
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Telescope: 0.9m computer controlled optical with alt-az mount.

Camera: STL 1001E SBIG, electric cooling max 40-50 degrees below ambient. Internal filter wheel with 5 positions, 48mm threaded or 2” unmounted.

Filters: A set of Johnson-Cousins UBVRI.

Range in V/open, full aperture: ˜8-9 mag to typical 18-19 mag in one minute.

Pointing: Within 1’ after calibration.

Tracking: At least 5 minutes with encoders, constant moving object speeds.

Minimum altitude: 6-13 degrees.

Piggy backing: Coronado PST, solar telescope. Daytime observations possible. Web page available.

Additional description: With CCD-camera and photometric filters. A fiber-coupled echellespectograph R=45000 is near completion. Located on Ångströmlab southern end.

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90 cm Reflecting Telescope 'Westerlundteleskopet'
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AstroSysteme Austria, Astro Optik
Classical Cassegrain with Nasmyth foci


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