Picture of Optically driven X-ray laser (HHG). HELIOS
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Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics
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This is an entire lab dedicated for time-resolved experiments in the femtosecond (<30 fs) regime using optical (200 - 20 000 nm) and XUV (10 - 100 eV) photons in a pump-probe scheme.

In the lab we create these photons in commercial and home built apparatuses, and combine them onto a sample (gas, liquid, solid). In the lab we have a few different spectrometers available including photoelectron spectrometers and reflectometers.

We also have access to a lot of laser characterisation equipment.

A full list of specifications is too long to give here, anyone can contact me for further information.

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Optically driven X-ray laser (HHG). HELIOS
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Various including home built


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