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Applied nuclear physics
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Computer control is available on both models via an RS-232 interface. For the added protection of your sensitive, low-voltage piezo devices, a selectable output voltage range switch has been added with three selectable ranges: 0-75 V, 0-100 V, and 0-150 V. Additionally, the three-channel MDT693A offers master scan controls that allow internal or external control of all three channels simultaneously. Piezo control can be achieved manually using the front panel adjustment knob, electrically using a 0-10 V signal input into a front panel BNC connection, or remotely using the RS-232 interface and Graphical User Interface (GUI) provided with the unit
  Output Voltage: 0 - 75 V, 0 - 100 V, 0 - 150 V Switchable Output Indicated on Front Panel
  Output Current (Max): 60 mA/Channel
  Output Noise: 1.5 mVRMS (~9.9 mVp-p)
  Output Stability: <0.01% Over 5 hrs
  Power Requirements: <100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz (Switch Selectable)

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Piezoelectric xyz controller
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