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Solid State Physics
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Labram HR 800 is a confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy system with two excitation wavelengths: 532 nm (green) and 785 nm (NIR). It coupled to an optical microscope, has a motorized sample stage and it is possible to do single spectra, depth scans, mapping, and duoscan (fast mapping by scanning the laserbeam).

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Horiba Labram HR800
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Booking rules

  • Only people who received training and obtained a license for the systems may use them. Training is given by the instrument responsible persons
  • Booking is done on the Ångström LIMS equip system. Charges apply.
  • If the system is booked but the user has not started to use the instrument within 30 minutes from the starting time of the booking, it is considered forfeited and another user may use the time instead

Schedule a training session with the instrument responsible. After a compulsory 1 h training session, users will obtain a license for the tool and can book it through the LIMS system.

Hourly rates: 

Instrument use 1000 SEK
operator for the instrument (measurement service) 750 SEK


Licensed Users

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