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Structural Chemistry
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The Kratos AXIS Supra+ X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) is available for use by the Structural Chemistry group in Ångström laboratory. It is located in the cleanroom lab 3R12. Contact one of the responsible persons in order to receive training and a licence. Usually at least two training sessions are required before a licence is issued, which is needed to make bookings on this system.

All questions, concerns and problems with the instrument should be directed to the responsible persons.

Instrument features and techniques:

  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Large area / selected area
  • Charge neutralisation
  • Monochromated X-ray sources: Al Kα (1486.6 eV), Ag Lα (2984.3 eV)
  • Gas cluster ion gun (GCIS) - Arn+
  • XPS Imaging
  • Reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy (REELS)
  • Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS)
  • Heating/cooling sample holders
  • Air-sensitive sample holders
  • Electrochemistry sample holders

Andrew Naylor
Tove Ericson
Tatiana Koriukina

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X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer "Kratos"
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AXIS Supra+


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