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Inorganic Chemistry
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The STA 409 PC Luxx is used for simultaneous thermogravimetric and calorimetric analyses from room temperature to 1500°C in inert, reducing or oxidizing atmospheres and is equipped with a TG-DTA sample carrier with alumina crucibles.


Using the STA

  • Book the instrument in Å-Lims
  • If your sample decomposes you must write a risk assessment that must be approved
  • Refill the water bath if necessary and turn it on
  • Check or change the connections to the gases that you will use and that the inlet pressure is 0.5 bar
  • Before starting the measurement check that the valves are in the correct position

Perform the measurement

  • After finishing close all the valves.
  • Turn off the water bath and the furnace power supply
  • Clean the crucibles
  • Log your experiment in the log book


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Simultaneous thermal analysis (STA)
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STA 409 PC


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